Multisensory Teaching Approach

Ruth,  I feel very blessed to learn from you. Your knowledge and passion was very inspirational to me!

Katrina, your enthusiasm was contagious and I cannot wait to use some of your ideas in my class!

Ashely Cullum
Brock ISD


“I think this would be a fantastic program for even our K-2 teachers to be able to utilize in their classrooms to build strong readers/writers from the ground up. I feel like I am already a better teacher than  what I was before starting. I haven’t had professional development like this, I feel, in years! THANK YOU for giving me new learning.”

Suzette Luthi


Katrina you were amazing and you really knew what you were teaching. Every question someone had, you had an answer to. I truly enjoyed learning from you, thank you!


I just finished my Kit 3 training with Katrina in Grapevine today! It was another wonderful training! 🙂   I am so thankful for y’all, all the hours of learning how to effectively teach the MTA program, and the opportunity to make a difference in my dyslexic students lives!

Thank you for everything!  Y’all are amazing!

Jamie Turner
McKinney ISD

MTA Introductory Training

I am very appreciative of the way MTA was introduced and taught.  Mrs. Jewell explained everything very thoroughly, and with humor and grace!  I am excited to begin this journey with my students.  😃

Karen Hartford
McKinney ISD

This is a great course that doesn’t load us down with technology, apps, and websites. It is vital to get back to the basic and foundational skills that all students need…not just the gifted dyslexic students.

Kirby Gilbert
Commerce ISD

I wanted to just take a moment and let you & Opal know how much I truly treasured this past week of MTA training. It was such a privilege to learn from THE BEST! I feel so inspired & empowered to be able to guide these special students on their journey of learning.

Kuddos to you & Opal for the great things you are doing in the Professional world of Education; but even more importantly, in the world of our precious kiddos.
Margaret Shelton
McKinney ISD


This has been the best five days, and the best training I have ever attended over the last twelve years.  Wonderful!!

Tina Barden
McKinney ISD


Thank you both so much for your time and incredible knowledge.  I know now more than ever that I am moving in the direction that is right for me.  I look so forward to working with dyslexic students.
Melissa Whittet
3rd grade teacher, Granbury ISD


I learned so much!  Now I can’t wait to meet the children who will help me see this all come together.  Thank you Ruth Ann and Opal.  You helped make me feel comfortable learning new things to help our kids!
Stefani Dalton
Godley ISD


I highly recommend this program to ANYONE who is searching training in Dyslexia!  I couldn’t imagine learning so much material anywhere else.
Amy Marquez
Dyslexia Teacher, Rankin ISD


I am so excited to start using this with our kids. I have learned many things that I should have known for years and either forgot or never knew.  Thank you.
Judy White
Dyslexia Teacher, Godley ISD


I just wanted to tell you again thank you for everything you taught me this week at MTA training. I am so excited about everything I learned and I’m so comfortable with the program. I feel totally prepared to teach an MTA lesson on a precious struggling reader.

I will be checking your website often and will hopefully be able to attend future trainings so I can add more tools to my “tool box” and expand my learning.”
Denise Burns
Krum ISD


This was a wonderful workshop, Opal and Ruth Ann are both warm, and very knowledgeable.  It was a comfortable situation and environment that made asking questions and
learning easy.
Cindy Megelich, 
McKinney ISD


 The best part of the course was how practical the strategies were and the completeness of their explanation.  Thank you so much for your thoroughness, patience and professionalism.
Debbie Malone
Lewisville ISD


“I enjoyed the entire workshop.  I think Opal and Ruth Ann make a great team.  Opal having recent connections with the school was a great plus.  I dream of being as smooth as Ruth Ann one day.  I love her for helping her student. I really enjoyed this training. Thank you both so much.”
Brenda Anderson
Krum ISD


 All parts of the MTA course were very helpful. I will be able to begin teaching the MTA program as soon as school starts and feel confident about what I am doing. Opal and Ruth Ann have prepared me well.
Martha Drexel
McKinney ISD


The MTA teacher training I received from LISD Dyslexia Coordinator, Opal Andrews, has been vital to the past/current success of the Dyslexic students in my MTA classes. Throughout the training, Ms. Andrews was able to instill a strong vision for me to follow, thus allowing the Dyslexic students in my classes to achieve optimal success in the MTA program. The training I received from Ms. Andrews was comprehensive and thorough. I was given in depth information to help me better understand the LD students’ needs. In my opinion, I was thoroughly prepared by Ms. Andrews to work with the LD student.
Kristi Ukena
Dyslexia Teacher, Lewisville ISD


The MTA program, under the direction of Ruth Ann Jewell took my son, a non reader at the end of his seventh grade year, to graduating High School in 2010 (Texas recommended). Prior to starting this program, we tried four years of private tutoring and two years with the public education program with no apparent results.

He was then tested at Scottish Rite for dyslexia and was referred for training in a multisensory program. My son and I agree that without the MTA program he would not have been successful. He has now completed his first semester of college and feels confident about his future.
Donna Cash


Advanced Multisensory Teaching Approach
I feel confident that I can teach all kits after your wonderful instruction.  Thanks for your time and effort in helping us become better MTA teachers.  I treasure time well-spent with good mentors!
Lisa Roden
Krum ISD

Concrete Multisensory Instruction of Grammar
“Thank you Ruth Ann!  Your training and materials will definitely be used and have a positive impact in our district’s dyslexia classrooms!”
Sherri Meadows
Southlake/Carroll ISD

Recently attended a workshop on Multisensory Grammar, presented by Ruth Ann Jewell, from Jewell Educational Services. It was excellent and I highly recommend it. I plan to implement these 5 minute activities with my dyslexia groups starting this school year. In addition to grammar, the workshop info also impacts fluency and comprehension. Thank you, Ruth Ann Jewell!
Patricia Coffman, CALT
Eagle Mountain/Saginaw ISD


Comprehension Strategies
The best part of the course was the hands on activities..definitely!  Thank you so much for the powerful reminder of how imperative it is for us to include this in our DAILY instruction!  I appreciate the knowledge and presentation of both presenters!  Hopefully I will have the opportunity to attend more of your workshops and will encourage my co-workers to do the same!  GREAT JOB LADIES!!
Rosemary Mayfield
Godley ISD


I want you to know that I started my year off with your Concrete Strategies!!!!  They are wonderful, my high school students are connecting to them.   I even told my students that a student with dyslexia designed the pictures, it inspires them to hear success stories..
Nancy Disterlic
Keller ISD

What a privilege to have your influence, expertise and passion presented for our teachers.
Nancy Disterlic
Keller ISD


Loved this workshop; I look forward to implementing some of these strategies in my classroom; workshop was very well-organized; Opal and Ruth Ann were both engaging and well prepared.
Delinda Martinez
Key School


“Most informative workshop I have attended in a long time.  The strategies and comprehension cards will be wonderful in class.  Thank you.”
Shannon Hetrick
Weatherford ISD


The best part of the course is useful tips and strategies that I can immediately take back and use.|
Christa Hoffman
Tolar ISD


Good hands on activities. Presenters very well organized.  Useful strategies for every classroom.
Gina Spencer
Godley ISD


Multisensory Math
The hands on activities were the best part of the class.  They will really make math fun for the struggling student because math is so hard and the hands on activities make math concrete.
Kay Carriker, MTA teacher,
Aledo ISD


“I have taken the Multisensory Math class and I would absolutely recommend this workshop to other teachers. I learn so much each visit. I think that all teachers should utilize some form of these practices.”
Ami Jones
Irving ISD